Pet-SittingThis service requires me to come to your home feed, walk and sleepover to keep your pet company while you are away.  This is usually from 6-7pm until 6-8am the next day.  Feeding and a walk will be given before I leave. My fees for this service is $80.00 a night for one dog.  Each additional dog is $10. Each additional cat is $5.

​​​Boarding:  A meet and greet is the first step.  Then boarding is at my home for $40.00 a night per dog.  For the safety of my pets and guests, all potential boarders must be Non-AGGRESSIVE.  To maintain a home environment I will host a maximum of 4-6  guests per night.  All dogs must be up to date with shots, and be on a flea treatment.  I also ask that your dog be house broken  and not destroy, chew or dig.  Your dog will receive one/two walks a day, socialize with other dogs and be cared for in a loving environment.  I will also send you updates by phone.  If your dog is a puppy, please call to discuss possible care and fees.


Dog Walks:  A 30 minute walk for one dog =$30.00.  My dog can be included on these walks if you would like your dog socialized.  A 60 minute walk for one dog=$40.00.  Walks include, walk/potty time, fresh water, treat and loves!  Walks are provide by either myself or Carol, who is a dog walker for What's Up Dog.                    

Long Term Boarding:  This is for customers who travel for pleasure or business for a long length of time. (example 30 days or more) Fee begins at  $25 per day, per dog, depending on the care your dog requires.  Please call for more information.